Khanya student Alutha Phike Youth Parliament Debate - Video

Two students, Alutha Phike and Lusindiso Langa were selected by Murray High School to participate in a Western Cape Youth Parliament debate, based on the merit of their presentations.

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“I was one of 38 delegates from across the Western Cape, who were chosen to participate in two rounds of debates, an unprepared individual 3 minute round, and a group round debating on a topic as part of the team.” Explains Alutha.

kanya 6 SM size“Justin Yase of the Garden Route and Rayahna Issacs of the Cape Metro were selected overall winners of the Western Cape Youth Parliament debate. And I was selected for third place.

"This is very exciting as we will be involved in more upcoming WCPP related activities.” Alutha said feeling enthusiastic about her future.

“I am very thankful to all those who have assisted me in my steps to making this happen. My mother Noluvuyo Phike, my Church mother Noksi Kolwapi and the church women who took me under their wing, my teachers, friends and Delnay from the Khanya Project.”

“The Khanya programme has assisted me in various ways. I've learned things about my future, that I would not have ever taken into consideration. I now view life in a more meaningful way.”

Alutha thankfully concludes, “having worked on my self-esteem and confidence, I am now able to take on challenges I never thought possible. This is thanks to the Khanya Programme. I believe a program like this is needed for all children and should be compulsory.”

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Alutha will continue to strive forward, making her school, teachers, family and friends very proud of her.

For more information on the Khanya Project or to sponsor towards this program, contact the Bitou 10 Foundation via email or call 044 533 6466.

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