Bitou 10 Foundation Celebrates 13 years!

The Bitou 10 Foundation celebrated its 13th year of achievement and success on the 4th of April 2019.

On the 13th March 2006, the Cadbury School Development Initiative (CSDI) was initiated and launched by Jeremy Ractliffe and then president, Nelson Mandela, from which evolved The Bitou 10 Education and Development Foundation, as we know it today.

Since the official launch on 01 November 2007, the foundation has provided substantial educational support services to the Western Cape Education Department schools in the Bitou region.

“These schools have benefited greatly from the programmes,” says Mr. Colin Wildeman, B10F board member and Principal of Formosa Primary School, New Horizon.

Mr. Wildeman expressed his gratitude to the co-ordinators for doing an outstanding job with the learners, and to the funders for their appreciated contribution and support.

“Without your support, our improved results would not have been possible. They have shown substantial improvement and it is evident that the programmes are effective.”

Having completed numerous Literacy, Mathematics, and youth empowerment programmes, the Bitou 10 Foundation has developed a deeper understanding of what the learners, teachers, schools and local communities need.

Chairperson, Marietta Van Rooyen, thanked the board members, facilitators, and funders for their continued contribution and support towards the foundation.

Mrs. Van Rooyen expressed her delight of being a part of a group of great minds, who have collaborated to positively impact the learners of the local WCED Bitou Schools.

The B10F empowers community members, parents, teachers and learners with the necessary educational assistance and life skills needed to succeed.

A big thank you to our hosts Basil and Marietta van Rooyen and to Bread and Brew for sponsoring the delicious platters for the evening.

If you would like to learn more or assist contact Sooneela Naina 044 533 6466 or email

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