Cami Maths achieving great results

Grade 4 learners attending Kwanokhutula Primary School visit the computer centre for an hour every week to do CAMI Maths (Computer Aided Maths Instruction).

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The CAMI software program assists learners with mathematics and is a South African product, fully integrated with our CAPS curriculum.

The CAMI Maths class has become the highlight of the learner’s week, as they really enjoy it. It is a fun step-by-step active learning programme that is flexible and allows the teachers to decide on the level and topic. The teachers then have time to move around the computer lab and help the learners who need it.

Mathematics Specialist and co-ordinator, Gillian Reid, is delighted with the progress that can be achieved, as areas of issues can be easily noticed and addressed, improving the overall performance for all learners at their own pace.

“CAMI Maths focuses on the critical areas of Maths which are science, language, reading and perceptual skills.

“The program covers practice in mental computations, logic and problem solving and the students can work at their own pace. It covers the school curriculum from preschool to Grade 12.

“When children are experiencing problems and are not correctly answering the questions, the background colour of the screen changes, making it easier to detect.

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“A learner’s progress is effectively monitored, as work is instantly marked, giving immediate feedback,” concludes Gillian Reid

In the photographs below, the Grade 4s were practising adding 3-digit numbers, where they had to carry over.

By using these new software programs, great results can be achieved. This would be beneficial for all our learners in the Bitou Region.

For more information on the CAMI software program or to sponsor towards this initiative reaching all our primary schools, contact the Bitou 10 Foundation via email or call 044 533 6466.