Empowering teachers through Professional Learning Community (PLC) sessions

Grade 4 Mathematics teachers from Kwanokuthula, Phakamasani and Formosa Primary, attended enriching PLC sessions.

Mathematics teacher specialists, Gillian Reid and Dianne de Villiers, deliver practical advice and best practices for teaching concepts in Mathematics to teachers to assist learners, by stressing the importance of mental maths and playing games.

Gillian Reid covered the concepts on Fractions and Multiplication and has found that, “overall teachers feel motivated, empowered and very positive during these sessions.”

Teachers have participated in discussions on the areas of Measurement and Division. “By conducting performance assessments, we have been able to identify four areas where learners feel challenged,” explains Dianne de Villiers.

It is of great importance that teachers liaise with each other in order to learn new methods and gain insight into practices in other schools.

The PLC sessions offer a platform for teachers to participate in discussions, share their difficulties in teaching these concepts and learn methods that they find useful when teaching Mathematics to their learners.

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