Harkerville Primary launches Ready Steady Read Write Programme


In January 2019, the Wordworks – Ready Steady Read Write Programme was introduced to the Harkerville Primary School, for Grade 1 and Grade R learners.

ready steady banner

The Ready Steady Read Write programme was inaugurated at the Kranshoek Primary School in 2018.

This programme provided learners with the support needed to learn to read and write in Afrikaans successfully.

The learners have benefited remarkably, and Bitou 10, co-ordinator, Anthea Wiesie, is delighted with the progress, results and expansion to date.

“This is all new and exciting for the children of Harkerville Primary. After our successful pilot programme at Kranshoek Primary, we are now pleased to be able to make a difference in even more children’s lives.”

Antheas' team consists of trained tutors from the Harkerville school community, who have volunteered their time to work with pairs of learners on a weekly basis. The classes offer various interactive activities, that make learning fun and exciting.

The Bitou 10 Education and Development Foundation in collaboration with the non-profit organisation, Wordworks, are excited about the new development and look forward to seeing many more local schools benefiting from their programme.

Our gratitude is extended to Alain Leger, the funder of both reading sites at Kranshoek Primary and Harkerville Primary.

If you would like to get involved call Sooneela, 044 533 6466 or email: manager@bitou10foundation.co.za

Join our team and help us bring about a positive change in the lives of young children!