Mathematics Development Programme: Kwanokuthula Primary 2018 results speak volumes


Mathematics specialists, Dianne de Villiers and Hanlie Botha, provided Mathematics support to teachers and learners, within the Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 – Grade 6), at selected schools.

The objective of this intervention is to motivate and empower Bitou Mathematics teachers to effectively plan, present and evaluate the teaching and learning of Mathematics in their classes.

Mrs. de Villiers facilitated and presented sessions at Kwanokuthula Primary, to enrich and extend learners’ mathematical skill and competency.
She supported two teachers from August until the end of November 2018. There were 4 Grade 6 classes, consisting of 46-47 learners per class.

The learners understanding of Mathematics concepts and number fluency was weak. Mrs. de Villiers worked closely with the Mathematics teachers, assisting them with strategies to improve numeracy and problem-solving skills. She worked intensively with small groups of learners within the classroom environment, to reinforce concepts taught.

“The teachers were receptive to the advice and best practices that were suggested to them,” said Mrs. de Villiers. “This intervention, with teachers and learners, proved successful, as Kwanokuthula Primary School had one of the highest improvements in their Mathematics scores at the end of the year – with an increase in the pass rate of over 40%.”

Proving that when the learners, teachers and facilitators are willing to work together as a team, great results can be achieved. A special thank you to Des Harrison and Marietta van Rooyen for their continued support in uplifting Mathematics in the Bitou region.

The programme continues in 2019 at five Bitou schools.