Meet B10F’s second ‘Ready Steady Read Write’ Co-ordinator

Mariana Ambraal has entered 2019 with an entirely new outlook on life, as she settles into her new position as a B10F co-ordinator at the Kranshoek and Harkeville Primary Schools.

Ready steady read write programAfter completing her matric she worked as a manageress at Clicks up until resigning last year. She then decided to complete the ECD Level 4 ECD training through the Plett Evangelical Fellowship College. Through her efforts as a tutor for the ‘Ready Steady Read Write’ programme at Kranshoek Primary, she was selected to attend the Co-ordinator Training in Cape Town with Wordworks.

‘By helping our children, we help our community. I am delighted and thankful to the Bitou 10 Foundation for having organised the training that I received in Cape Town.

Training to become a co-ordinator was very fruitful. I am now well-equipped with knowledge and skills to assist the tutors and children. I enjoyed interacting with the other trainees in Cape Town, as their perspectives and input have enhanced my way of tutoring.

I love working with the children who come from different backgrounds. It is wonderful to see the progress that they make by participating in the Ready Steady Read Write programme, which helps raise their self-esteem.

Our children are our future and by teaching them to read we can make a difference in their lives! So yes, I can't wait for the new term to start.’

Would you like to help young children learn to read and write?

The Bitou 10 Foundation has introduced an Afrikaans early reading programme at the Harkeville and Kranshoek Primary School, assisting children in Grades R and 1, to develop their Afrikaans reading and writing skills. They are using the Ready Steady Read Write programme developed by a non-profit organisation called Wordworks.

Tutors are needed to work with pairs of children for a couple of hours each week, for a 6-month period. No previous experience is needed, just a love for children and a bit of patience! We will provide you with initial training and ongoing support and advice.

If you would like to get involved, drop in at the school office or call Sooneela, 044 533 6466 or email

Please join our team and help us bring about a positive change in the lives of young children!