Meet Our New Wordworks Co-ordinator

My name is Anthea and I volunteered as a tutor in the Wordworks program at the beginning of 2018, with no former training. I have always felt the need to make a difference in children’s lives.  

Although I had received the necessary training, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to cope, as I am not a teacher - just a mother. However, I have learnt that anyone who is able to read and has a passion to help children, can participate in this program.

I did not realise what an impact spending time with these children would have on my life. This experience has really been enriching for me, and most importantly, for the children as well, who could not read or even identify sounds.

I was selected to attend the Wordworks co-ordinator training in Cape Town. The Bitou 10 Foundation made all the arrangements for me.

This programme has encouraged and motivated me to empower myself, hence I have enrolled in a Level 4 Early Childhood Development course.

I am very grateful to Wordworks and The Bitou 10 Foundation for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this programme and for inspiring me to become a teacher in the near future.


 Would you like to help young children learn to read and write?

The Bitou 10 Education and Development Foundation is running a project at Kranshoek Primary School, to assist children in Grades R and 1, to develop their Afrikaans reading and writing skills. They will be using the Ready Steady Read Write programme developed by a non-profit organisation called Wordworks.

Tutors are needed to work with pairs of children for a couple of hours each week. No previous experience is needed, just a love for children and a bit of patience! We will provide you with initial training and ongoing support and advice. 

If you would like to get involved, drop in at the school office or call Sooneela, 044 533 6466 or email 

Please join our team and help us bring about a positive change in the lives of young children!