Ready Steady Read Write Programme (Wordworks) celebrates year end

The Ready Steady Read Write Programme assists Grade R learners to build a solid language and literacy foundation and as an early intervention in Grade One.

WordWorks site coordinators manage and support trained tutors who volunteer from the local school communities. The tutors work with pairs of children, on a weekly basis for at least six months.

Currently, the Afrikaans programme is being taught at Kranshoek Primary and Harkerville Primary. The good news is that the programme will be extended to Formosa Primary in 2020.

WW 1

Kranshoek Primary started terms 1 and 2 with 22 Grade 1 learners, and 24 Grade R learners joined them in terms 3 and 4. The learners were tutored by Mariana Ambraal, Samantha Davids, Amanda Windwaai, Elaine Lewis, Laurian Reid, and Kay Oelschig.

WW 2

“This is a great programme to teach children to read because there is a lot of play involved. They don’t even realise they learning to read.” Said Mariana Ambraal, co-ordinator at Kranshoek Primary School.

“The children are assessed three times a year and they all did really well. I have enjoyed working with these children ensuring they have bright futures ahead.”

WW 3

Harkeville Primary School started with 20 Grade 1 learners in terms 1 and 2, and 20 grade R learners in terms 3 and 4. The learners were tutored by Anthea Wiesie, Janine Arendse, Samantha Tarentaal, Antoinette Jonkerman, Jeneil Arendse, and Ruth Kiewiet.

WW 4

“It has been a wonderful privilege for me to work with the children, tutors, educators, and principal of Harkerville Primary school.” Said co-ordinator, Anthea Wiesie.

“At first it was a challenge because the majority of the learners speak Afrikaans as a second or third language. However, since the reading program is as good as it is, it became easier.

"We also had great feedback from the children's class teachers. They are pleased to see that the children have improved and progressed in the classroom.

“I am very proud of their end assessment results and what was accomplished at Harkerville Primary school this year 2019.” Concludes Anthea.

A big thank you to our funder Mr. Alain Leger for supporting this programme.

For more information on the programme, to volunteer or become a funder contact Madeleen on 044 533 6466 or email.