South African Mathematics Challenge 2019

The South African Mathematics Challenge was first initiated as a ‘Mini Math Challenge’ in 1977, by Mona Leeuwenburg, for Grade 7 learners in the Cape Peninsula. With assistance from various teachers centres, the Mathematics Competition extended to other regions - later including other grades in 1986. In 2011, the South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF) took over the administration of the challenge.

samf logoThe Bitou 10 Foundation kick started the challenge with Grade 4 learners in the Bitou Region, with the idea of adding a grade each year.

496 Grade 4 learners from Harkerville, Kranshoek, Kwanokuthula and Formosa Primary Schools participated in Round 1 this year. The Challenge consists of two rounds and each paper is an hour long, consisting of 20 multiple choice questions.

13 Formosa and 5 Kwanokuthula learners achieved over 50% and will be competing in Round 2, which will be written at Formosa Primary on 18 July 2019. Congratulations to these learners and good luck during the final round!

All learners scoring more than 80% in the final round receive a ‘gold’ Certificate of Achievement, those scoring between 80% and 60% receive ‘silver’, and those scoring between 50% and 60% receive ‘bronze’ Certificates.

The challenge focuses on learner participation, ensuring that more learners enjoy Mathematics and participates in the Challenge. Presently over 110 000 learners from more than 500 schools participate every year. The aim is to assist South Africans to become empowered, independent, creative and critical thinkers.

A big thank you to the South African Mathematics Foundation for their contribution in supporting schooling for excellence in Bitou.