The Bitou 10 Foundation – “Making Positive Changes”

The ‘Positive Change Programme’ – Youth Development at Murray High and Plett Secondary School is funded by the Bitou Municipality and Western Cape Government - Rage for Good.

Drug abuse in the Bitou Region is taking a heavy toll on our communities, where drugs fuel a life of addiction and crime especially among our youth.

Young people easily drift into drugs, alcohol and gang life, especially those living in low income areas where unemployment and crime is high.

The Bitou 10 Foundation have contracted Carol Surya, an author, psychologist, game developer and workshop facilitator, who is passionate about uplifting children and inspiring parents and professionals that work with today’s youth.

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Surya facilitates the ‘Positive Change Programme’ – Youth Development at Murray High and Plett Secondary School.

“Everyone is born with natural potential – our programme teaches that it is never too late to change your life for the good!” explains Surya.

The programme stems from her professional experience gained over the last twenty years working with a diverse range of children and their parents, worldwide.

Those under the ‘Positive Change Programme’ are taught life skills and how to break free from habits that do not support healthy living. They also learn how to focus on building solid foundations.

“From working with teenagers from these high schools, it is obvious that so much more support is needed!” says Surya, “Although, my time with them is limited, the creative, holistic and therapeutic methods used, together with short inspiring videos, has had a remarkable effect.” 

Learners were selected based on their responses to the application form after the introduction session, and B10F ensured that commitment and motivation to change was there from the start. 

These learners have been offered a short yet incredible chance to make a positive change in their lives, and together with the support from educators, parents and the community, these changes can continue.  

We appeal to funders who would like to participate in ensuring that the programme is a continual success, to contact the Bitou 10 Foundation via email –, call on 044 533 6466 for further information.