The Bitou Spelling Stars


The inaugural ‘Bitou Spelling Stars’ kicked off at the Kwanokuthula Primary School on the 2nd and 7th of November 2018.

The initiative came about to encourage all learners to improve their reading and comprehension skills, further developing their literacy outcomes. It provided a platform to promote healthy competition in supportive environments, while also improving learners’ confidence to speak in public.

Learners from Kwanokuthula and Phakamisani Primary, were given a list of words, pertaining to their grades, in both English and isiXhosa. All learners competed in internal school challenges.

On Friday, the 2nd of November 2018, twenty-four learners, selected from Grade 1 to 3, represented their grade and school, at the inter-school event. On Wednesday, the 7th, a further 32 learners, competed from Grade 4 to 7.

It was quite apparent that the children had studied their words well, which led to a tough competition. It was amazing to see how well the learners, from grade one up to seven, performed in both languages.

The end results showed Kwanokuthula Primary as the overall winning school. Each participant received a medal in recognition of their achievements.

A special thank you is extended to: The Bitou 10 Foundation, Kwanokuthula Municipal Library, teachers and the judges, for assisting with the organisation of the initiative; Trophies and medals were generously sponsored by a fellow supporter of The Bitou 10 Foundation; Flowers, donated by Ruby Kisses, Market Square, adorned the stage and refreshments were kindly prepared by Andrie Combrink.

Well done to all the children who excelled beyond their means, making their principals and teachers very proud!

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