The Differently-Abled Awareness School Art Competition

The Differently-Abled Awareness Campaign in conjunction with the Bitou 10 Foundation held a School Art Competition throughout the Bitou Region, covering Gr R to Gr 3.

Children eagerly submitted their artworks, and the collections were showcased for a week at Melville’s Corner for the public to view and vote. The last phase of the competition was conducted by selected judges who had quite a task of choosing the well-deserved winners.

Founder and organiser of the Differently-Abled Awareness Campaign, Rita Hardaker started out the Children’s Art competition as a way to create an awareness amongst children, "the Differently-Abled may look physically different, but are in fact no different, and in many cases they have skills that far exceed those who are considered “perfect” human beings."

"Through the artworks created by the little children, it is clear that even though they did not know what children or grownups in any of the categories looked like - by using their imaginations, they are now “Aware” of those who are differently-abled."

"In every one of the entries we received, the differently-abled child has his friends close by, all are smiling and they see rainbows, sun, happiness."

"We are in this way, endeavouring to encourage kindness and consideration in our citizens of the future, they will also be better equipped to handle a sudden event which may leave a member of the family, or a little school friend Differently-Abled – it could happen to you within seconds!"

Each child selected was given their prize at school and they were overjoyed to realise they had won.

Winners of the Differently-Abled Awareness Campaign Children's Art Competition – 2018


Grade R     No. 126     First     Amkele Lidziya      Village Eco Pre School  
Grade 1    No. 108    Second   Robin Mullins   Greenwood Bay  
Grade 1    No. 100    Third   Juwano Jansen    Kranshoek Primary  
 Grade 2    No. 17    First    Taryn Clark    Formosa Primary  
 Grade 2    No. 1    Second    Touhier Petersen    Formosa Primary  
 Grade 2    No. 2    Third    Tatum Plaatjies    Formosa Primary  
 Grade 3    No. 81    First   Zosia Covarr    Greenwood Bay  
 Grade 3    No. 95    Second   Maleke Windvogel    Formosa Primary  
 Grade 3    No. 82     Third   Emihle Robiyana    Bahia Formosa  

Well done to all who entered and to the winners!

A big thank you goes out to the Bitou schools who participated in making this competition great!
As from 2019 the children's art competition will focus on Gr 4 - 7.

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