Douglas Baartman



  • Environmental Health Practitioner
  • Environmental Educator

Board and Committee Positions

  • Board Member of Youth with a Mission International in Jeffreys bay
  • Board of Trustees – Youth Future Data

Previous Positions

  • Douglas Baartman has been working for Local Government for the past 26 years in different
  • He started his career as an Environmental Health Practitioner in Welkom (Free State). During
    his career as an Environmental Health Practitioner he was heading the Environmental
    Education of the Municipality, creating programmes and projects to empower the youth and
    Learners at the different schools in Welkom.
  • In 1997, Douglas accepted the position as an Environmental Health Practitioner at the Bitou
    Municipality. He was involved at the local schools with Environmental Education. He also
    joined Youth Future Data and was asked to serve on the Board of Trustees. He was involved
    in the Skills development of the Bitou Youth.
  • During 2000, he served as Board Member of Youth with a Mission International in Jeffreys
    bay. Youth with a Mission as an International Christian Organisation with the focus on
    equipping young people all over the world to make a difference in their communities and
    countries. They also assisted where there are crisis situations in the world such as the
    tsunami in Asia, reconciliation seminars in Rwanda and educational programmes in our
    informal communities.
  • In 2010, he was appointed as an Environmentalist at the Eden District Municipality dealing
    with Air Quality Management and Environmental Education. They develop education
    material with SA Teachers and the Department of Education in the Western Cape.

Other activities

  • The development of young people has been a major feature of Douglas’s career and the
    individuals which he has mentored, have risen to prominent positions in Local Government.
  • Empower the youth and learners